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War in Middle Earth Game Editor
War in Middle Earth Game Editor.sln

War in Middle Earth Game Editor

As the name suggests, this software aims to be an editor for the game War in Middle Earth by Synergistic Software & Melbourne House, © 1988. See

If you are an owner of a copy of the game, you can use its files to go through the various game resources (images, map tiles, animations, and texts). You can also view the whole map of Middle Earth as a single image and save it, which is actually not possible from the game itself. That’s the viewer part.

Now to the editor part in the Editor. You can edit WIME savegames! That’s a way to experiment with the game situation, especially military unit counts, and to cheat a bit. So you can create an army of 1000 Gandalfs and send them against an enemy fortress or to a friendly city you want to stay undefeated.


To install War in Middle Earth Game Editor, go to the Releases section of this repository and select a release. There you’ll find the WIMEInstall.exe file. Download it, run it, and follow the instructions on the screen.

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