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ArxGentoo - Arx Libertatis gentoo overlay

Please only use the issues tab here for problems with the ebuilds.

Bugs in the software itself should go to the upstream bug trackers:

This is a gentoo overlay that can be used with layman to install Arx Libertatis and other software under Gentoo Linux.

Refer to the Wiki on how to install Arx Libertatis under other Linux distributions or Windows.


You will need layman with git support, so install that first if you don't have it already:

emerge app-portage/layman[git]

Next, to add this overlay run:

layman -f -a arx-libertatis

You can then install the packages using emerge.


Overlays added using layman won't be updated by emerge --fetch, you need to run

layman -S



IRC: #arxfatalis on


Repository maintainer: Daniel Scharrer