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= Arx Libertatis 1.0 "Bloody Gobblers!" =
=== New Features ===
* Cross-platform support: Windows, Linux and possibly other UNIX-likes
* Configurable windowing + renderer, input and audio backends
* Save game list is sorted so that latest save is at the top
* Configurable number of quicksave slots
* Shortcut to toggle windowed and fullscreen mode (default is Alt+Enter)
* Video config menu displays the aspect ratio along with resolutions
* Separated window size and fullscreen resolution
* Added an "automatic" fullscreen resolution setting that always chooses the
highest available one
* Support for system-wide installation and per-user configuration / savegames
(follows the XDG Base Directory Specification under linux)
* Ported to amd64 architecture
* A single binary can automatically run the demo or full game data
* Automatic language detection for the data files
* Added a crash reporter tool
* Added tools to extract .pak and savegame files
=== Fixed Bugs ===
* Fixed aspect ratio for interface elements when using non 5:4-resolutions
(some are still stretched)
* Fixed various crashes
* Improved level loading speed by limiting the progress bar update rate
=== Technical Changes ===
* Ported text rendering from Windows GDI to Freetype
* Removed dependency on the proprietary PKWARE implode library
** This required changing the savegame format - saves produced by
Arx Libertatis cannot be read by the original Arx Fatalis, but
Arx Libertatis can still read the original save files.
* Abstracted windowing framework, with SDL and Win32 implementations
* Abstracted audio backend, with OpenAL and DirectSound 9 implementations
* Abstracted input backend, with SDL and DirectInput 8 implementations
* Abstracted renderer backend, with OpenGL and Direct3D 9 implementations
* Replaced custom image loading/saving code with DevIL
* Various code cleanup and performance improvements
=== Removed Features ===
* Editor mode (will be re-added)
* Texture size option (will be re-added)
* "Bump mapping" (proper bump/normal mapping will be re-added)
* PNUX texture effect
* Support for reducing textures to 16-bit
* Non-newcontrol mode
* Gamma/brightness/contrast correction
== Patch 1.0.1 ==
* Fixed garbled text rendering in the Russian version (bug #226)
* Fixed a crash in the critical error dialog on some Linux systems
(crash report #229)
* Loading files from the 'graph' and 'misc' directories is now case-insensitive
* Switched to D3D and DInput backends by default on Windows
== Patch 1.0.2 ==
* Fixed problems with the unity build under Linux (crash reports #243, #245)
* Fixed crashes and disappearing items when sorting the inventory
* Crafting now always adds items to an existing stack if there is one
* Inventory sorting now works on all bags at once
* Fixed a script execution error when changing the heartbeat event while
executing the heartbeat event
* Fixed compile errors with older Qt and SDL versions
* Fixed crashes due to random numbers, mostly occurring on Windows
(crash report #258)
* Fixed a bug in loading the Spanish localization files (bug #259)
* Fixed transparent objects being drawn in front of opaque objects when a
book/note is open (bug #252)
* Fixed a regression from the original game that made the player super stealthy
(bug #262)
* Fixed a regression in the script timer code (crash report #251)
* Fixed label for the 'Full screen' checkbox not being shown in the German
* Fixed cursor position not aligning with absolute input devices (e.g. tablets)
in fullscreen mode (bug #269)
* Mouse sensitivity setting now only applies to turning the camera, not to
cursor movement
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