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Player's stats and other. #185

wants to merge 6,247 commits into from

Player's stats and other. #185

wants to merge 6,247 commits into from


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@Dimoks Dimoks commented Feb 27, 2014

Magic Resistance for “DODAMAGE -m” and “DAMAGER -m” script commands.

When a bow is equipped, hero screen shows the base damage from arrows. (temporary)

The lower limit of player's Attributes and Stats is 1 now.

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@Dimoks Dimoks commented Mar 1, 2014

Why should these modifiers not be applied to bows?
Why do this here and not use base damages?

Full_Damage_of_Arrow = 0 with probability: max{0, Armor_Class - Attack}%, else
Full_Damage_of_Arrow = max{0, Attack * (1 - _npcdata->absorb / 100)} * crit * backstab * distance_modifier.
Armor_Class = max{0, (_npcdata->armor_class + level_of_Armor_spell - level_of_Lower_Armor_spell)};
Attack = damage_of_bow * (1 + (player.Full_Skill_Projectile + player.Full_Attribute_Dexterity) / 50);
crit = 1.5 with probability: ((player.Full_Attribute_Dexterity - 9) * 2 + player.Full_Skill_Projectile / 5)%, else crit = 1;
backstab = 1.5 with probability: (player.Full_Skill_Stealth)%, else backstab = 1;
distance_modifier = min{2, max{0.5, distance / 1000}}.

Attack is the base damage of Arrows.

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@Dimoks Dimoks commented Mar 1, 2014

Hm, why shouldn't things like the curse spell be able to reduce stats to zero? This feels more like something that could be changed by a mod in the future.

So the developers have come up with. Perhaps need weaken the Player's Attributes by 5% per level of "Curse" spell, as the spell weakens NPC's armor class, damage absorb and attack in close combat.

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@Dimoks Dimoks commented Jun 1, 2014

Update for bow...

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@Dimoks Dimoks commented Jul 24, 2016

Replacement for 264b00af3d1d84040fa3661ace874933de793f71.
Magic Resistance for “DODAMAGE -m” and “DAMAGER -m” script commands.

@dscharrer dscharrer force-pushed the arx:master branch from bc97453 to 2dc668e Jun 13, 2017
@dscharrer dscharrer force-pushed the arx:master branch from 93de273 to a1f7f9e Jun 21, 2017
dscharrer and others added 24 commits Apr 12, 2020
EntityHandle_Player already has the same value
This was broken in commit 43b6961.

Fixes: bug #1446
The --without-gui/-z option is no longer defined in Inkscape 1.0,
and it causes the build to fail due to an unknown argument.  This
only uses it if it is defined in Inkscape's help text.
It's not needed for unpacked files and this allows us to avoid calling
stat() on all unpacked files at startup.
dscharrer and others added 29 commits Sep 10, 2020
The default for localized strings was changed from the empty string
to the ID in commit 9451e85. This helps spot missing strings, but for
speech it's better to just play the audio sample without text in this
case since some uses of the speak script command expect this.

Fixes: issue #1506
MCST E2K (Elbrus 2000) - this is VLIW/EPIC architecture, like Intel Itanium (IA-64) architecture.

e2k architecture has half native / half software support of most Intel/AMD SIMD

Replace macros with a new class.
This option allows running with temporary OpenGL extension overrides.
Crisp Alpha Cutout AA has been separately identified by two users
to cause an immediate crash when starting the game.

Fixes: bug #1250
Fixes: bug #1532
See: bug #1152
Not used yet, since for GLES we only support 1.x contexts but better
add it not so it is not forgotten later.
@Dimoks Dimoks closed this Apr 29, 2021
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