Libraries / install scripts needed to develop Arx Libertatis under Windows
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ArxWindows - Libraries and scripts for Arx Libertatis development under Windows

This repository contains everything that you need to build the game in both 32-bit and 64-bit under Windows. It also contains the necessary to build installers for Arx Libertatis.


Additionally, you'll need the following libraries to build the Crash Reporter:

How to setup

  1. Download the content of this repository to your PC

     Let's say in "E:\git\ArxWindows\..."
  2. Add the following environment variable:


and set its value to

  1. Copy the necessary DLLs to the game binary folder (arx\bin). Those marked with a (*) are only needed for the Crash Reporter,

For 32-bit:

    E:\git\ArxWindows\libs\dbghelp\bin\x86\dbghelp.dll (*)
    E:\git\ArxWindows\libs\dbghelp\bin\x86\symserv.dll (*)
    %QTDIR%\bin\QtCore4.dll (*)
    %QTDIR%\bin\QtGui4.dll (*)
    %QTDIR%\bin\QtNetwork4.dll (*)

For 64-bit:

    E:\git\ArxWindows\libs\dbghelp\bin\x64\dbghelp.dll (*)
    E:\git\ArxWindows\libs\dbghelp\bin\x64\symserv.dll (*)
    %QTDIR%\bin\QtCore4.dll (*)
    %QTDIR%\bin\QtGui4.dll (*)
    %QTDIR%\bin\QtNetwork4.dll (*)