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Change git badges in Sublime Text Sidebar into the VS Code look
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git badges like VS Code

This plugin changes default Sublime Text git badges in left sidebar into VS Code looks. Instead of dots and chevrons there are letters A, M, S and U. Also colors are changed.

Based on OdatNurd's gist


Install as plugin via Package Control

Note that this plugin works only on Sublime Text 3.2 and above (>=3200), as in this version native git implementation was added.

How it looks

New VC Code like badges


  • New files are green with U badge (untracked) or A badge when added to staging area
  • Modified files are yellow with M badge when unstaged or S badge when staged
  • Folder of deleted file has no color (red evoke error) but has red circle badge
  • Conflicted file is red with git merge badge
  • Folder has always circle badge (no letter or icon) except Conflicted


Contribution is welcome. Leave an Issue or Pull request


Icons must be in PNG format in RGB mode (not palette mode). Use prepared PSD in Photopea, which can export file in RGB mode.



  • Create new A, M, S and U icons
  • Fixed path to custom icons
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