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A collection of tools for firebase realtime db vulnerability discovery
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This project contains various tools used for automated scanning and vulnerability discovery in firebase apps.

It requires python 3.

Requirements: (pip install requirements.txt)

  • pyshark
  • requests


  • - This tool will aggregate various services (DNSDumpster) to attempt to discover random firebase DBs.
  • - Run this tool on a wireshark .pcap or binary file to extract potential firebase DB endpoints.
  • - This tool will see what data and endpoints in the realtime DB are accessible (read/write info) and dump that information. It can also optionally dump everything that it can read. You can optionally give it an auth token and a list of endpoints (from endpt discovery script) to help it find more data.

Sample usage - mass project scan

  1. Acquire a list of firebase DB project codes: [code] A good way to do this is to use Sublist3r on the domain Running should also work, but it is not as advanced as Sublist3r.
  2. Run [codes file] to scan r/w info about this project and dump any available data

Sample usage - single target

  1. Create a file containing the name of the target firebase project (code.txt)
  2. Acquire a file in which accesses to this firebase DB are made. Examples are: pcap of traffic from app interacting with this firebase db, code which accesses this firebase db (executable, JS file, APK, etc.). Run [file] --out endpoints.txt script on this file to gather a list of potential endpoint candidates.
  3. Run code.txt --endpoints endpoints.txt to scan r/w info about this project and dump any available data

If you have an auth token for the firebase project you are scanning, you can use it with code.txt --endpoints endpoints.txt --token [token]

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