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process.monitor_children crashes Bluepill #119

SebastianJ opened this Issue Sep 1, 2011 · 3 comments


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First of all:
OS: Ubuntu 10.04 32-bit LTS
Ruby: 1.9.2-p290 (using RVM)
Bluepill: 0.0.51
Resque pool from here: https://github.com/jhonyf/resque-pool

Here's the gist with the config: https://gist.github.com/1186527
The gist contains two versions - one that works and one that crashes + a log file showing the last output before bluepill crashes.
I've removed other processes (mysql, redis, sphinx, resque_scheduler etc. for brevity) and replaced paths etc since they're not a part of the problem (I suppose).

If I run bluepill with the config 'not_working.rb' Bluepill will die and the last thing that gets written to the log is 'I, [2011-09-01T12:04:08.207603 #17872] INFO -- : [app:resque_pool] Existing children: . Got new children: [18500, 18503, 18510, 18513] for 18497' . If I try to start Bluepill again it just dies straight away. The Status command does not work either - just saying that there's no Bluepill server around.

If I run bluepill with the config 'working.rb' it works - but it's monitoring the spawner/forker which isn't quite what I want. I want to check the memory and cpu usage for the spawned resque processes.

Am I doing something wrong? Or is this a bug?

If you need more info tell me what you'll need and I'll try to assist.


bensie commented Oct 19, 2011

I'm having same issue here as well (0.0.51)

I had the same problem. Then tried to start the pill in foreground mode, and it gave this before exiting:

Config Error: Invalid child process monitor for <child(pid:21752)>
You must specify a stop command to monitor child processes.

Apparently, children need their own stop command, so after adding this line the problem was gone:

child_process.stop_command "kill -QUIT {{PID}}"

I just beat my head against a wall for god only knows how long trying to figure this out. @remigijusj You are a lifesaver! And please for the love of God put this somewhere in the documentation. Because bluepill just crashes I had absolutey 0 useful log messages to go on.

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