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Unexpected behaviour on SIGTERM #147

gmacid opened this Issue · 1 comment

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I had thought that if I kill -TERM the bluepilld process, then the things it is managing would shutdown also. Instead, the things it is managing continue to run, with no bluepilld process to manage them any more. Although it captures SIGTERM, it just defers to terminate() which causes bluepill to come out of its neverending loop.

I am using upstart to ensure that bluepilld is always running e.g. on boot. However when I kill it, I also want the service it is managing to come down too.

Just wondered what your thoughts were... Maybe this is intended behaviour?


  1. Are the process(es) self-daemonizing (do they fork to the background)?
  2. Is process.daemonize = true?

My noob guess would be that processes should be set to not fork, and let bluepill manage daemonzing to track pids correctly by using process.daemonize = true. Unfortunately, I've not been able to get shutdown behavior working correctly (#166).

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