Smooth color transition for RGB LEDs connected to an Arduino
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Smooth color transition for RGB LEDs connected to an Arduino


This is NOT a library. It's just a piece of code I've written to make things work. At the time of writing this readme, I am not very sure of how to convert this to a library. It would be great if somebody could contribute to this repository and help convert it to a library.


  • Set the value of fadeAmount as you like. A higher value will result in a faster fade.
  • Set the PWM pins for Red, Green and Blue. Connect the common cathode of the LED to Arduino's Ground pin.
  • Inside the void main() block, add the following functions accordingly:
    • Start with the initial color. Use the rgb() function to set the initial color. Give it integer values for red, green and blue respectively.
    • Add a delay before the fade if you like.
    • Use the fade() function and supply it the initial triplet of RGB values and then the final triplet of RGB values. Use the rgb() function again with the final values to ensure that we stop at the right colors.
    • Read the example code inside void main() for more information.

Function definition for fade():

int fade(int fromR, int fromG, int fromB, int toR, int toG, int toB);