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Music Player

Are you tired of using Windows Explorer to search for and play music? Would you like to be able to search for and play music within 4 seconds? The MusicPlayer module for Project Butler is here to the rescue.

alt text


Download the latest build from GitHub and unzip the file into the Project Butler Modules folder. Yup, it's that easy.

Latest Stable Release

Adding Songs

Create a folder called 'Songs' under the Music Player module folder or just run any command supported by MusicPlayer once and MusicPlayer will automatically create the folder for you.

You can either directly add songs to the folder or just add shortcuts to the songs and MusicPlayer will resolve those shortcuts at runtime.

Valid Extensions: MP3 M4A OGG WAV FLV FLAC INK (shortcut)


The trigger/prefix is music

- Random

Don't know what to listen to? Play something at random.

Raw Regex | (anything|something|whatever|random|any)

  • anything
  • something
  • whatever
  • random
  • any

- Specific

Know what to listen to? Play what you want.

Raw Regex | (play|song| play song) (.+)

  • play *song name*
  • song *song name*
  • play song *song name*

- View All Songs

View all recognized songs and play one from them.

Raw Regex | list( all)

  • list
  • list all

- Quickset Volume

Quickly set the volume of the current playback device to preset values.

Raw Regex | vol(ume)? (?<action>up|down|mute|zero|full|min|max)

  • vol max
  • volume min
  • vol up
  • volume mute

- Finetune Volume

Set the exact value of the volume of the current playback device (0-100).

Raw Regex | set vol(ume)? (?<volume>\d{1,3})

  • set volume 28
  • set vol 94

Seamless UI Integration

Upon receiving a play command, music player automatically plays the song if only one file is returned from the search otherwise it will open a UI that is overlayed on top of the current window which allows you to choose.

Example:- If I search for Decks Da, it will automatically play it. If I search for How, it will return a list of songs.

alt text

Now Supports Remote Commands

Listing songs or searching for songs through a remote device (such as a TCP client on a mobile phone) will return a message from the server containing all resulting songs.