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-*- org -*-
* 0.14
** pfff_visual
*** visual grep
can now visualize the result of a git grep on a project.
** introducing parsing_java/
** introducing parsing_nw/
so can visualize also Tex/Latex/Noweb source (which includes
the documentation of pfff!)
** global analysis
*** store additional attributes/properties per entities in the light code db
e.g. is the function dead, does it use a global, does it take
argument by refs. This can help the visualizer to give more semantic
visual feedback.
** pfff:ml
more highlight
** wrote a few wiki pages
Also applied pfff_visual on many open source project and generated screenshots.
* 0.13
public release!
* 0.12
Real start of multi-language support.
** introduce source code navigator/searcher/visualizer using cairo
Show treemap and thumbnails of file content!
Have also minimap, zoom, labels, alpha for overlapping labels,
labels in diagonal, anamorphic content showing in bigger fonts
the important stuff, magnifying glass, clickable content
where a click opens the file in your editor at the right place, etc.
=> A kind of google maps but on code :)
Support for PHP, Javascript, ML, C++, C, thrift.
For PHP do also URL highlighting which helps understand the control flow
in webapps.
Also highlight local/globals/parameters variables differently.
Also highlight bad smells (especially security related bad smells)
Integrate other PL artifacts:
- The builtins API reference
- PLEAC cookbooks
=> a single place to query information about the code
(no need to first grep the code, then google for the function
because it turns out to be a builtin).
Can easily go the definition of a function (whether it's a builtin or not,
thanks to the parsable PHP manual and HPHP idl files).
Can easily go to the example of use of a function (whether it's a builtin
or not, thanks to PLEAC for the builtin functions).
Far more flexible and powerful than the previous treemap visualizer
which was using Graphics. Now also render file content!
** sgrep
support linear patterns (e.g. sgrep -e 'X & X')
and a -pvar option to print matched metavarables instead of matched code
** introduce parsing_ml/
Allow to use and experiment the treemap code visualizer on the pfff
source itself; to see if such features are useful.
** introduce parsing_cpp/
** introduce analyze_js/, analyze_cpp/, analyze_ml/
very basic support. Just highlighting
** internals
reorganized the treemap and h_program-lang/ to be less
facebook and pfff specific. Have a commons/ for instance.
introduce, a generic code-information database
using JSON as support. Will help make pfff less php-specific.
* 0.11
** introduce checker
warn about "unused variable" and "use of undefined variable".
use fast global analysis (bonus: it's flib-aware and desugar
the require_module_xxx and other flib conventions).
** introduce php_etags
a more precise TAGS file generator (bonus: it's xhp-aware).
** checkModule part 2
** introduce javascript support, parsing_js/
preliminary refactoring support.
** introduce builtin XHP support
** analysis
introduce PIL, PHP Intermediate Language, a more conveninent AST to work on
for doing complex analysis such as dataflow, type-inference, tainted
analysis, etc.
include/require analysis as well as flib-unsugaring. Make it possible
to grab all the files needed to check one file, in a way similar
to what gcc does with cpp. Provide a DFS and BFS algo.
* 0.10
** introduce test coverage analysis using and
used by arc unit.
rank, filter, parallelize (using MPI), cronize.
** more refactorings with spatch_php
fix parsing (lexer) and unparsing bugs
introduce the transfo field, mimicing part of coccinelle.
improve support for XHP and refactoring, merging tokens heuristic.
** introduce fixer
extract and modularize code from reaper
extract code from facebook/qa_code into analyze_php/qa_code
dead variables/typo detection
** analysis
static method calls analysis (with self/parent special cases handling)
more work on include/require, now stored in the database.
better environment handling (PHP_ROOT, THRIFT_ROOT, etc)
more work on builtins, needed by checkModule
users_of_class, users_of_define, extenders/implementers of class
** parser
fix bugs in lexer
now can parse <?= code
** internal
split analyze_php/ in multiple dirs
moved code from facebook/ to analyze_php/
started to use !
unit tests for parsing, analysis, deadcode, callgraph, xdebug
** first work on web gui
extract and modularize php highlighting logic from gtk gui.
started integrate treemap and web gui.
** first work on thrift interface to pfff services
** misc
dead sitevars analysis
static arrays lint checks
proto of undeterministic PHP bugs finder using diff and xdebug
proto for flib dependencies display
* 0.9
** introduce facebook/check_code
** introduce facebook/qa_test
- test_rank,
- cyclomatic complexity,
- test_smells,
- email annotations and notifications
- output results via R
** introduce facebook/fb_phpunit_wrap
and tools/
** introduce compile_php/
but for now very rudimentary
** analysis
control flow graph analysis:
useful for cyclomatic complexity, and potentially useful or far more
things (sgrep, dataflow, etc)
start of dataflow analysis
start of coverage analysis (static and dynamic)
start of include_require static analysis (and flib file dependencies too)
start of type unioning
** phpunit result analysis and parsing
used by fb_phpunit_wrap
useful to get local regression information on tests.
** bugfixes
updated the deadcode reaper, fb_phpunit_wrap, and pfff_db
to analyze the current code
more xdebug parsing
** internals
reorganized facebook/ with fb_common/, etc
and fb_org/, etc
reorganized json/sexp output, factorize code and use more
* 0.8
** xdebug trace parsing
Can now do dynamic analysis! Done for type
** sgrep: introducing $V special metavar
** GUI
trivial type inference feedback based on xdebug info
** introducing parsing_sql/
could be useful at some point for better type checking or type inference
* 0.7
** introducing ppp, php pre processor, and implement closure
by source-to-source transformation.
now I can code in PHP :)
** improved pretty printer, and helpers for AST transformation
with Used by ppp and closure implemetation.
** sgrep:
- a -emacs flag
- improved -xhp and made it the default operating mode
** deadcode:
- do fixpoint analysis per file
* 0.6
** introducing sgrep_php
a code matcher working at the AST level
** introducing treemap viewer using Graphics.mli
** introducing code_rank
** introducing checkModule
first part (with its literate programming manual)
** introducing flib_navigator
update: superseded by web gui
* 0.5
** parser
XHP experimental support. A new -pp option to give opportunity to call
a preprocessor (eg XHP).
** ffi/meta
a new -json option and json support
also supported in sgrep.
* 0.4
** doc
programmer manual for parsing_php/
internals manual for parsing_php/
!!use literate programming method (via noweb/syncweb)!!
(hence the special marks in the source)
** analysis
callgraph for methods (using weak heuristic), with optimisations
to scale (partially because use weak heuristic)
* 0.3
** analysis
deadcode analysis v2, v3, v4
diffcamp/facebook integration (via mysql and git)
** infrastructure
ORM for mysql (using camlmix)
Mysql support (with ocamlmysql/)
IRC support (adapting ocamlirc/)
* 0.2
** analysis
deadcode analysis v1
* 0.1
** introducing PHP gui (with ocamlgtk/)
update: superseded by web gui
* beta
** global analysis first draft, PHP database (with ocamlbdb/)
* alpha
** PHP parser first draft !
reused Zend flex/bison code.
** visitor (using ocamltarzan)
** AST pretty printer (also using ocamltarzan and lib-sexp)
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