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You must first install a recent version of
- OCaml (at least 3.11),
- Berkeley DB (at least 4.3)
if you want the analysis capability
- GTK (at least gtk 2.10)
if you want the GUI capabilities.
- Cairo
if you want the fancy graphics capabilities.
- Pcre
if you want stuff I don't remember.
You will need both the runtime and the development library for
those packages (e.g. pcre and pcre-devel packages under most Linux
Then if you want everything then just type
$ ./configure
$ make depend
$ make
$ make opt
This should generate a few binaries at the toplevel directory such
as pfff or pfff_visual.
If you just want to compile the parsing frontend, then type
$ ./configure -nobdb -nogui -novisual
If you want the parsing frontend and the analysis framework then type
$ ./configure -nogui -novisual