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The Raven Dark colourscheme for Vim, rebuilt and modified with Colortemplate
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the Raven Dark colourscheme for Vim, modified and rebuilt

made in Colortemplate, the Toolkit for Vim Colourscheme Designers


Use your favorite runtimepath/plugin manager, or place corvine.vim into ~/.vim/colors/ for *nix and %userprofile%\vimfiles\colors\ for Windows.


If you’re using a GUI, then Corvine should work out of the box. However, if you’re planning to use Corvine in a terminal, the terminal must support the 256 colour palette, which most modern ones do. If you want other terminal output to match with Corvine, then set its colours to match the ones below:

Colour Normal Bright
Black #3a3a3a #626262
Red #d78787 #ffafaf
Green #87af5f #afd787
Yellow #d7d7af #d7d787
Blue #87afd7 #87d7ff
Magenta #afafd7 #d7afd7
Cyan #87d7d7 #5fd7d7
White #c6c6c6 #eeeeee
Foreground #c6c6c6
Background #262626

A preset with these colours is included for iTerm.

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