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An MVW PHP micro framework
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Tipsy is an MVW (Model, View, Whatever) PHP micro framework inspired by AngularJS. It provides a very lightweight, easy to use interface for websites, rest apis, and dependency injection.

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Example Usage

See Examples for more detailed examples. See Documentation for more information.

View Template Example

    ->home(function($Scope, $View) {
        $Scope->user = 'Mai Tai';
<h1>Hello <?=$user?>!</h1>

API Example

    ->delete('api/maitai/:id', function($Params) {
        echo json_encode([message => $Params->id]);
DELETE /api/maitai/1
{"message": 1}


To install using composer use the command below. For additional installation information see Installation.

composer require tipsyphp/tipsy
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