PHP Altcoin/Bitcoin Data Explorer
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Altcoin/Bitcoin Data Explorer

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PHP Altcoin/Bitcoin data Explorer

This package can get transaction information with Bitcoin protocol.

It can send HTTP requests to a Bitcoin peer server to perform several operations.

Currently it can get transaction details, get peer information, get mining information, get network hashes, get block chains, etc..


You can install this library by using [Composer]. You can also view more info about this on [Packagist].

Add this to the require section in your composer.json file.

    "require": {
        "arzzen/altcoin-bitcoin-explorer": "1.1.*"


Information about network:

# Get information from network 
use BlockExplorer\NetworkInfo;
$network = new NetworkInfo($ip, $port, $username, $password);

# Get information about the wallets network and block chain
$networkInfo = $network->getInfo();

# Get data about each connected node
$peerInfo = $network->getPeerInfo();

# Get calculated network hash rate for the latest block
$latestHash = $network->getNetworkHashForLatestBlock();

Information about transactions:

# Fetch transactions information
use BlockExplorer\Transaction;
$transaction = new Transaction($ip, $port, $username, $password);

$transactionInfo = $transaction->getTransaction('51b78168d94ec307e2855697209275d477e05d8647caf29cb9e38fb6a4661145');

Information from block chain:

# Get information from blockchain
use BlockExplorer\BlockChain;
$block = new BlockChain($ip, $port, $username, $password);

$blockInfoFromHash = $block->getBlock('000000000000000007c4695c756bb944cf31f1f20487a32375d9d4c61dfd6349');

$blockInfoFromHeight = $block->getBlockHash('308788');


Class won "PHP Programming Innovation Award" on (August 2014). Link.