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Philips TV version 6 Tweet

Tools to control Philips 2016, 2017, 2018 Android TVs via command line.


One time initialization: screenshot from 2018-05-07 12-20-40

Available commands: screenshot from 2018-05-07 12-23-19


# set tv ip
export _TV_IP=""
# run command

Or you can use (non-interactive) direct execution:

./ <optional-command-to-execute-directly>

Possible arguments:

allChannels currentChannel channelUp channelDown volume volumeUp volumeDown ambilightConfig ambilightTopology ambilightCache systemInfo getCommand postCommand

Custom command

You can set variable _TV_COMMAND for send custom command (it will affect: "Send GET command" and "Send POST command" )

export _TV_COMMAND="ambilight/topology"

List of possible commands to POST

Standby, CursorUp, CursorDown, CursorLeft, CursorRight, Confirm, Back, Exit, WatchTV, Home, Source, List, Find, Options, Adjust, RedColour, GreenColour, YellowColour, BlueColour, Play, PlayPause, Pause, FastForward, Stop, Rewind, Record, ChannelStepUp, ChannelStepDown, Digit0, Digit1, Digit2, Digit3, Digit4, Digit5, Digit6, Digit7, Digit8, Digit9, Dot, VolumeUp, VolumeDown, Mute, Teletext, Subtitle, ClosedCaption, TvGuide, Info, AmbilightOnOff, Viewmode, 3dFormat, Multiview, PictureStyle, 3dDepth, SoundStyle, SurroundMode, HeadphonesVolume, 2PlayerGaming, Setup, WhiteColour, PowerOn, PowerOff, Online, SmartTV, PhilipsMenu,


Unix like OS

git clone && cd philips-tv
sudo make install

For uninstalling, open up the cloned directory and run

sudo make uninstall

For update/reinstall

sudo make reinstall

OS X (homebrew)


Windows (cygwin)


System requirements

  • Unix like OS with a proper shell
  • Tools we use: openssl ; curl ; base64 ; awk ; sed ; tr ; echo ; grep ; cut ; sort ; head ; fold ; uniq ; column.


  • jq apt install jq


Want to contribute? Great! First, read this page.

Code reviews

All submissions, including submissions by project members, require review. We use Github pull requests for this purpose.

Some tips for good pull requests:

  • Use our code When in doubt, try to stay true to the existing code of the project.
  • Write a descriptive commit message. What problem are you solving and what are the consequences? Where and what did you test? Some good tips: here and here.
  • If your PR consists of multiple commits which are successive improvements / fixes to your first commit, consider squashing them into a single commit (git rebase -i) such that your PR is a single commit on top of the current HEAD. This make reviewing the code so much easier, and our history more readable.


This documentation is written using standard markdown syntax. Please submit your changes using the same syntax.


MIT see LICENSE for the full license text.