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from flask import send_file
from subprocess import call
def render(request):
location = '/tmp/renders/'
suffix = 'tempfile'
filename = location + suffix + '0001.png'
message = request.args.get('text', default = 'HELLO', type = str)
scene = request.args.get('scene', default = 'basic', type = str)
blender_file = "models/%s.blend" % scene
# This script changes the text, it is run inside our 3D software.
blender_expression = "import bpy;['Text'].data.body = '%s'" % message
# Render 3D image
call('blender -b %s --python-expr "%s" -o %s%s -f 1' % (blender_file, blender_expression, location, suffix), shell=True)
return send_file(filename, mimetype='image/png')