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HaxeBuilder is tool that tries to implement live reloading feature for flash target of Haxe/AS3 projects.
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HaxeBuilder Copyright (C) 2013 AS3Boyan

HaxeBuilder is tool that tries to implement live reloading feature for flash target of Haxe/AS3 projects.

Currently it's working on Windows only. And currently you can use it only in FlashDevelop. And currently you can use it only If you have installed Haxe compiler.(Tested on Haxe 3 RC) Maybe later I will make it work with any text editor. And maybe it will work in Linux later.

Binary distribution

  1. There is avalable installer for HaxeBuilder 1.0.1(Windows)

Installation instructions

  1. Run setup.exe and install HaxeBuilder.
  2. Installer should ask you to install FlashDevelop Templates, If they not installed, to go HaxeBuilder folder, where you installed it, and open folder "templates", it should contain 1 file with ".fdz" file extension. Just double click on it and FlashDevelop will ask you to install templates.

Running instructions:

  1. Open FlashDevelop
  2. Create new project, and use "Haxe - Flash Live Reloading Project".
  3. Press F5 or F8 or just Build button located on toolbar in FlashDevelop. Also you can start it using menu Project ->Build Project or Project -> Test Project.
  4. Flash Player Content Debugger should start automatically.
  5. Code! Add your code to onAdded function; And don't forget to dispose used bitmaps and remove added event listeners in onRemove function!

When you need to add library or add compiler arguments, or just change something or just stop this program run "stop.bat". It should stop HaxeBuilder.

When you want to build release version, just run "build_release.bat". Don't forget to stop HaxeBuilder first!

If closed Flash Debugger Window, and you want to open it again, run "preview_swf.bat".

Building instructions:

  1. You should have Haxe 3 RC(or newer) and Neko 2(or newer).
  2. You should have FlashDevelop.
  3. Open HaxeBuilder.hxproj with FlashDevelop and build project

It would be much easier if you create installer using NSIS(You will need also ExecCmd plugin for NSIS). You will need to build script.nsi. If you want to do it manual, here is instruction

  1. Add environment variable named "HAXE_BUILDER" and set it to HaxeBuilder subfolder "bin".
  • So it should look something like this: C:\Program Files\HaxeBuilder\bin
  1. (optional) This is not really reqired, but it simplifies usage. Add it to your PATH environment var, like this:
  • Just add %HAXE_BUILDER% to your PATH.
  • You can add it temporarily using command line set PATH=%PATH%;%HAXE_BUILDER%
  1. Many IDE put "bin" folders of projects to User Flash Player Trust directory. You will need to create HaxeBuilder.cfg that contain path to HaxeBuilder's "bin" folder and place it to User Flash Player Trust directory.

Usage instructions

  1. Locate to folder where .hxproj located
  2. Run HaxeBuilder in that folder

If you using FlashDevelop template, then it does that automatically for you. Run Stopper to stop HaxeBuilder or just close console window.

Known Issues

  1. Looks like there is a problem with reloading flash files that use Stage3D.
  • In this case you can use HaxeBuilder as just tool that rebuilds every time you make changes.
  • That will keep swf up to date.


  • Stage3D support
  • Linux support
  • AS3 support(building using Flex SDK)
  • Ability to work with any text editor(if you make .hxml file)

HaxeBuilder needs testing with different libraries.

Tested libraries

  • Actuate - works fine

If you got ideas/questions/problems with installing/encountered bugs, you can tweet me at @As3Boyan.

Contributions are welcome.

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