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Merge branch 'hotfix/r0_better_h1'

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commit 3d5e8144929ddffe37e5cfe2f1bbdb6c9b95c215 2 parents 570033f + a405c82
@asaaki authored
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  1. +2 −3 Rakefile
5 Rakefile
@@ -28,14 +28,13 @@ end
task :gem => :build
-# gem building and releasing tasks are provided by jeweler and so not needed to be implemented manually
# Helper task because jeweler doesn't want to push my gem - how to fix it?
task "gem:release" => :gem do
system "gem push pkg/io_shuten-#{IO_shuten::VERSION}.gem"
-task :release => "gem:release"
+desc "A complete release cycle (build, git, gem, push to"
+task "full:release" => [:release,"gem:release"]
desc "Run all specs"
task do |t|
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