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Sensu Go Minimal

Greetings traveler! This repo contains a Docker compose setup for a minimal Sensu deployment. It consists of the following:

  • A Sensu Backend
  • A Sensu Agent
  • An asset server

This idea here is that you can quickly spin up a Docker-based environment that will give you the bare minimum for doing any troubleshooting. Let's go over a few things quick before you decide to get off to the races.

Know Before You Deploy

We'll go over some things here. I invite you to take a gander over docker-compose.yaml so you can see what will be happening in this particular setup.

Sensu Backend

  • All of the standard backend ports are exposed on localhost
  • /tmp/sensu will be mounted under /var/lib/sensu (this allows for things like proxy entities to persist, and for assets to be persist once downloaded)

Sensu Agent

  • Comes with some pre-defined subscriptions (dev, poller, system, linux, docker)
  • The client cache dir does not persist (read below to see why)

Asset Server

Why use this instead of Bonsai? The local asset server does the following:

  • Circumvents s****y wifi (ty DockerCon 2019 & Caleb for the inspiration)
  • Download your asset tarballs into ./assets
  • Make sure when you create your asset definitions to us http://localhost/assets/$NAMEOFYOURASSET for maximum effectiosity

Click Here for Deploy

Alright. All read up? Good! Time to run:

docker-compose up -d

That's going to give you some output that looks like this:

docker-compose up -d                                                                                                 ~/s/c/s/d/sensu-go-minimal
Starting sensu-go-minimal_sensu-backend_1 ... done
Starting sensu-go-minimal_sensu-asset-server_1 ... done
Starting sensu-go-minimal_sensu-agent_1        ... done

Niceeeeee! Now we're cooking with gas. So what can you do with this setup?

Again, it's a simple setup. This is great for trying to replicate some basic issues. Keep in mind that this is an Alpine environment. It's minimal and not really that useful if you're trying to debug a potential os-level issue.


Wanna do something cool?

docker-compose up --scale sensu-agent=10

^ this will allow you to scale up your agents quickly. Go on, give it a shot!


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