Ever want to have a quick Sensu test environment spun up? Well, now you can!
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Hi there! I've moved this repo over to Sensu for it to be maintained there. You can now find this, along with other workshops at https://github.com/sensu/training-vagrant.


BEFORE you proceed, ensure you've got Virtualbox and Vagrant downloaded.

How to Use

  1. Download the repo:
git clone https://github.com/asachs01/sensu-up-and-running.git && cd sensu-up-and-running
vagrant up

IP/Port will be provided as soon as Vagrant finishes provisioning the vm.

  1. Access your Uchiwa dashboard at $IP:3000

  2. SSH into your Vagrant instance and start poking around!

vagrant ssh
  1. Take a look at the Sensu Docs for the quick version of what the install does.

NOTE: The Sensu 5 Minute Install uses Redis as a transport mechanism. While this works in a purely dev environment, DO NOT use it in a production setting, or any systems that you care about. There's a bug that prevents it from fully working.

  1. Wanna do more with Sensu? Head over the repo wiki, where we'll walk through some of the Sensu basics.

  2. For any additional guides, head over to the Sensu Docs Site.

  3. For any help, head to Sensu's Community Slack Channel.