A simple utility for fetching asuming a SAML role for use with the AWS CLI
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This tool will authenticate into AWS using ADFS SAML. It is based on the blogpost at https://aws.amazon.com/blogs/security/how-to-implement-a-general-solution-for-federated-apicli-access-using-saml-2-0/ but was modified to support Azure MFA. You should receive an authentication request on your phone, then after accepting will presented with a list of roles that you are authorized to assume. Choose the desired role. You will then receive a set of temporary access keys and token for this role. The credentials will be stored in ~/.aws/credentials under the 'saml' profile. You may then use any aws tools by passing the --profile saml option.

You may pass the username with -u <username> or with an environment variable AWS_SAML_USERNAME. If not passed, the script will prompt you for it.

You may also bypass the role list if you already know the index of the role you wish to assume by passing the -r <index> parameter


pip install -r requirements.txt


python aws-saml.py

Set shell variables

If you would like to have the saml token directly set in your aws shell variables, you can create a bash alias function that will do this.

$ vim ~/.bashrc

Go to the end of the file and a function like this:

    setSAMLToken() {
       # confirm path below is correct for your env
       if python ~/daws-saml-cli/aws-saml.py; then
          source ~/.aws/.token_file
          echo "Your creds have been set in your shell."
    alias saml=setSAMLToken

Be sure to check the path to your aws-saml.py file and your tokenfile

Then you can just run the script from any bash prompt by just typing your alias:

$ saml