Asakusa Gradle Plug-in Helper for Eclipse
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Shafu: Asakusa Gradle Plug-in Helper for Eclipse

This is a set of Eclipse plug-ins that helps application development using Asakusa Framework Gradle Plug-in.

This project includes following Eclipse features:

  • Shafu Basic Components (com.asakusafw.shafu.feature)

    Basic components of Gradle integration to Eclipse IDE. This enables to launch Gradle tasks in Eclipse, or to import Gradle projects into your Eclipse workspace transparently.

  • Asakusa Gradle Plug-in Support (com.asakusafw.shafu.asakusafw.feature)

    Extensions for Asakusa Gradle Plug-in (requires Shafu Basic Components). This provides shortcuts to Asakusa Gradle Plug-in specific tasks and Asakusa batch application project templates.

How to Build

  1. Go to com.asakusafw.shafu.releng
  2. Run gradlew (at the first time, it will take a little time to prepare the build environment)
  3. Finally, the com.asakusafw.shafu.releng/build/ will be created

Using MacOSX + JDK 7, please exec before build:

sudo ln -s </path/to/jdk7>/Contents/Home/jre/lib </path/to/jdk7>/Contents/Home/Classes

How to Install

Install from Update Site

  1. Select 'Help > Install New Software...' from the main menu
  2. Add as an update site
  3. Select the update site and install features

Install Manually

  1. Build or download
  2. Extract (which includes jinrikisha folder) onto <Eclipse Installation Path>/dropins/

How to Use

Creating New Projects

  1. In Java Perspective, select 'File > New > Gradle Project From Template' from the main menu

    If there are no such a menu item, please reset the Java Perspective ('Window > Reset Perspective...').

  2. Input project name, and then press 'Next' button

  3. Input project template archive path, and then press 'Finish' button

Importing Projects

  1. Select 'File > Import' from the main menu
  2. Select 'Jinrikisha > Gradle Projects', and then press 'Next' button
  3. Input a Gradle project directory, and then press 'Next' button
  4. Select projects to import, and then press 'Finish' button

Building Projects

  1. Open context menu for the target project
  2. Select a build command in 'Jinrikisha' on the context menu


Gradle Settings

  1. Open workbench preferences
  2. Select 'Jinrikisha' in preferences page

Network Proxy Settings

  1. Open workbench preferences
  2. Select 'General > Network Connections' in preferences page
  3. Select active provider to the 'Manual' and edit the HTTP/HTTPS proxy entries