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My deck from BackboneConf 2013. The deck is a Backbone.js + Node.js app that highlights some of the concepts discussed in the deck.

If you just want to see the deck, you can view a static version of the deck here:

You can also watch the video recording of the presentation here:

Keep in mind that the static version of the deck does not have a server and doesn't showcase some of the concepts talked about in the deck.


npm install
node app

Node app runs by default on localhost:3000


Learn how LinkedIn's mobile web app manages control flow and application structure with promises and page controller components. As is the case with many original applications, the code-base of LinkedIn's first mobile web app was a bit like the "wild west." It was, in some areas, ill-suited to support the requirements of a large mobile web application that was constantly evolving at the hands of several teams. This session will share the problems faced, lessons learned, and solutions found while developing and scaling the LinkedIn mobile web app. After giving a quick primer on promises and explaining what the heck controllers are for, the session will dive into the use of promises to manage control flow and page controllers to manage page cycle, data, and memory.