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#Zookeeper Installs zookeeper


  • zookeeper_hosts - comma separated list of host:port pairs, defaults to 'ansible_fqdn:2181' for a single node


  • monasca_log_level - Log level to be used for zookeeper logs. Defaults to WARN
  • monasca_wait_for_period - The time in seconds for how long to wait for Zookeeper's port to be available after starting it. Default is 30 seconds.
  • run_mode: One of Deploy, Stop, Install, Configure or Start. The default is Deploy which will do Install, Configure, then Start.
  • zookeeper_id - Id to be used if one can't or shouldn't be derived from zookeeper_hosts. This will happen if zookeeper_hosts doesn't contain the fqdn but an alias
  • zookeeper_heap_opt - Java Heap option for the zookeeper process. Default is to let the JRE decide

##License Apache

##Author Information Tim Kuhlman Monasca Team email