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0.87.00 2004-MAR-04
-Stone counting bugfix
-Game saving bugfix
0.86.00 2003-DEC-
-Save the selected skill
-New skill form (smaller, more compatible code)
-Autosave the current game at exit (can be continued later)
0.85.00 2003-JUN-22
-Better About form
-Put the game into the game menu of the Nokia phones
-Forethinking bug fixed
0.84.00 2003-FEB-28
-merged minimax classes (smaller jar)
-display fixes for Siemens phones
-ant all target
0.83.00 2003-FEB-04
-showing the color change of the discs one by one
-showing computers last disc
-using antenna build tool
0.82.00 2002-DEC-13
-Skill bug fixed
-Information Panel next to the board
-doublebuffering turned on by default
-Display enhancements
0.81.00 2002-DEC-06
-Thinking during human turn
-Show possible moves
-smaller jar size
0.80.00 2002-NOV-26
-Renaming project to jtReversi
-Supporting non-doublebuffered devices
-Background color for color display
-Better display for non-square screens (e.g. Nokia 9210)
-Better AI
-Splash screen
0.73.00 2002-NOV-14
-Better display for small screen
-Show the default skill in skill list
-Exit works in skill list
-Two-player game message changes
-Thinking message
-Company logo :-)
0.72.00 2002-NOV-07
-End game statistics
-Supporting proguard-1.4 obfuscator
-Ant: automatic jad file calculate
-Ant: fixes for Windows
-Detecting draw
-Minimax code changes
0.71.00 2002-OCT-22
-Ant improvements
0.70.00 2002-OCT-12
-Two Player Mode
-Level Change during game
-Using Ant build tool
-Optional use of obfuscator (retroguard-1.1)
-Using heuristic point calculation
-AI: Killer Move
-AI: Move Order
-AI: Turned on Alpha-Beta cut
-Pass Info
0.62.00 2002-SEP-28
-About Box
-Level Change
-Display bugfixes
-Color Display (if available)
-AI bugfix
0.61.00 2002-SEP-21
-Less memory usage (BitSet storage)
-build and run scripts for Windows
0.60.00 2002-SEP-16
-First version