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Known bugs of pkTriggerCord
Setting jpeg sharpness/contrast/saturation has no effect sometimes.
Downloading jpeg with non-maximal resolution does not work.
Taking picture restores jpeg image tone, so jpeg image tone setting
is quite useless.
ISO table of GUI only shows the extended iso range even is base iso
range is set.
The program stops for approx. 20 minutes after 4-5 hours
(e.g. --frames 200 --delay 120)
--select_af_point Auto-11 changes to Auto-5 instead
Top LCD panel is flashing
Green button does not work for newer cameras. It does nothing.
Sometimes it requires root privileges.
K-x: Changing shutter speed to 1/6000 is not working. It changes to 1/8
K-x: Cannot change ISO in M mode.
K-x: Muted jpeg image tone is not working
K-x firmware 1.02 or 1.03: Image artifacts during timelapse
photos. Workaround: Use firmware 1.01
K-50: bulb mode is not working
K-50: Shutter speed change sometime changes the shutter speed to
K-30: Shutter speed change sometime changes the shutter speed to
K-30: Incorrect exposure mode reading
K-30: Program does not work correctly using old firmwares. Firmware
1.06 is recommended.
K-30: Requires turning on the camera first and connect using USB
only after that.
K-3: bulb mode is not working
K-3: Exposure correction setting is not working
K-3 II
K-3 II: bulb mode is not working