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Welcome to the Freehub Project

Freehub is free and open source software developed by the San Francisco Bike Kitchen to track membership and visits to the shop.

Check the News page for Freehub news and updates.


Freehub is hosted on the web at and is free to use. You need only a web browser to sign up and use it. To use it in your shop you need internet access there.

All data you enter into Freehub is be available for export in spreadsheet format so if you decide to stop using Freehub you can get your data out.

Freehub is simple. That means that it should be easy to understand, use, maintain and enhance. It also means that it does just a few things – not everything you may hope that it would.

We are very open to suggestions and requests from users of Freehub and are also interested in software development help from folks outside of the San Francisco Bike Kitchen.


In order to keep Freehub easy to use and understand we need to keep it simple and focused.

Freehub is:

  • A database of members and the services they have access to
  • A sign in system for use at the front desk of the shop
  • Reporting tool for looking at shop use, membership status,…

Freehub is not:

  • A broadcast emailer – Freehub will not send emails to your members or patrons
  • An accounting tool – we do not track money in Freehub
  • An inventory tool – we do not track tools or parts in Freehub
  • An point of sale system – we do not track shop sales in Freehub

Feedback & Support

Please send comments and feedback to

The Freehub Support page provides information on how to get the help you need.

User Guide

The User Guide is a work in progress. Check it out for frequently answered questions, reporting tips and more. If you don’t find what you are looking for let us know at

For Developers / Open Source

Freehub is built with the Ruby on Rails web development framework.

The Freehub Developer Guide contains information on contributing to the development of Freehub.

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