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Reporting Enhancements

May 23, 2016 by asalant

Much thanks to @wonderificdave for giving reporting and CSV export some overdue love:

  • tags are now included in People Report CSV export
  • People report now supports filtering by “staff” attribute
  • bugfix #22 Services report now correctly exports notes

Visits Report Now Includes person_id

March 31, 2014 by asalant

The folks in Urbana-Champaign have been working on a fork of Freehub tailored to the particular uses of their two shops there. In the meantime they’ve been using Freehub at In order to help in moving their data into their new versions, they needed a person_id field in the Visits Report so that they could import visits associated with the right Person record.

person_id is now the first column in that report.

Upgraded to Ruby 1.9

March 31, 2014 by asalant

Wow. Been a while since an update. Doesn’t mean that Freehub hasn’t been used to run several bike coops worldwide for the last 4 years!

Thanks to great work by @alex-frost, Freehub is now enjoying a long overdue upgrade to Ruby 1.9.3. This should make it much easier to get set up to do development on popular operating systems, especially OSX.

Broken Report Export Fixed

October 3, 2010 by asalant

I received a report this morning from Dugan at the MoBo Bicycle Co-op in Cincinnati that report exports were failing by serving an empty file.

This issue is now resolved.

The problem appeared to have been introduced by the last series of upgrades (including a Rails upgrade) that we did when we moved to EngineYard. This means that export has probably not been working since end of June. We have test coverage for CSV export but it appears that the Rails test infrastructure does not emulate the real implementation sufficiently to product this issue in unit tests. Thanks to Dugan for sending me the heads up!

New Feature: Person Tags

August 3, 2010 by asalant

Today I’ve released support for tagging people with arbitrary labels. We’ve implemented this in an effort to support a range of requests we’ve heard from SFBK and other shops for custom fields on person records. While this solution does not handle all cases (like storing bike serial number for a member), it does provide a flexible mechanism for many cases. For example, we’re using it to track who has keys to the shop.

This implementation is preliminary and will evolve as we get more input on where it needs improvement. on Engine Yard AppCloud

June 25, 2010 by asalant

I’ve moved Freehub from the to-be-terminated Engine Yard private cloud to their Amazon EC2-based AppCloud platform. It appears that moving to a dedicated database on EC2 from the shared and clustered database on the private cloud has improved response times as much as 4×.

Rails 2.3.5 Upgrade Complete

June 11, 2010 by asalant

Freehub has been upgraded to Rails 2.3.5. The major work in this upgrade (in addition to moving to HAML as described below) was switching to using the time zone support introduced in Rails 2.1. I’m hoping that this upgrade will make it easier for new developers to get up and running with Freehub more easily and for me and others to add new features. Woohoo!

The master branch in GitHub is now the 2.3.5 version. The 2.0.2 version is tagged as ‘rails_2.0.2’ for anyone who needs that. on Engine Yard is now running the 2.3.5 version.

Migrated from Markaby to HAML

June 8, 2010 by asalant

I’ve completed the first step in the process of upgrading Rails – I’ve replaced the Markaby templating engine with HAML. One of the nice things about HAML is that it is widely used and well documented. This makes it a good candidate for an open source project like Freehub. It is also already compatible with Rails 3 for when we want to upgrade to that (I’m targeting 2.3.5 for now).

See for info on how to use HAML yourself.

Moved to GitHub

April 21, 2010 by asalant

I’ve migrated our SVN repository from CVSDude to GitHub and moved over the relevant wiki pages. There’s still a couple more things to move but starting now, GitHub should be the primary source of code and information for Freehub.