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The Basics


At the highest level of Freehub are Organizations. The San Francisco Bike Kitchen is an Organization.

Organizations have Users. A User logs in to Freehub with a username and password.

Organizations have many People. A Person belongs to one organization.

A Person has Visits. A Visit captures date and time of the start of the visit and whether the person was volunteering or not.

A Person also has Services. A Service has a start date and end date and a type (Membership, Earn-A-Bike, Class) and if the Person paid or volunteered for the Service.


A Person can be flagged as Staff. If they are not Staff they are a Patron.

A Person is a Member if they have a Membership Service with a date range that includes today.

A Person can Volunteer for any Visit. Any Person can Volunteer when they visit the shop, either working as Staff or as a Patron working for a Membership, EAB or simply to help out.

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