Combined the amazing Skeleton grid system with Magento's layouts, so you can now build adaptive mobile web pages on with any magento phtml
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A responsive framework for Magento using the Skeleton 960 responsive grid system!

NB: this is a framework for you guys to dump into your existing themes and start making them responsive. It is NOT a theme.

As with all my stuff, it can probably be better, so send me a pull request.

I'm on twitter: @ldn_tech_exec


  • Adds the Skeleton grid as a layout in Magento instead of 1column.phtml or 2column-left.phtml etc
  • You can add no-frame.phtml to any page via layout update
  • …even for CMS pages or category/product layout updates via the admin
  • includes Paul Irish's html IE classes from HTML5 Boilerplate
  • includes facebook compatibility (xml stuff in the html tag)
  • includes tag to make responsive designs work

What's the story?

I originally built this for and then presented it for

Slides are here:

What is it?

  • Modified base.css to include magento essentials
  • skeleton.css
  • layout.css

  • no-frame.phtml

  • config.xml
  • Mage_All.xml (to tell Magento to use the local code pool for config.xml)

Please contribute - to do

  • find a better way to add as a layout in the admin instead of overriding core file
  • feature requests?