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added hps0 and psi2 parsers, updated makefile, added tests and tests …

…to Sundae.
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Andor Salga
Andor Salga committed Jul 11, 2011
1 parent 81af4ab commit af2f9a248a0029955893b7b81e0dc9e4a5cc6a3e
@@ -13,7 +13,7 @@ create-release-files: create-release-docs create-user-docs minify create-example
# Minification strips out comments and most whitespace
minify: create-release-dir
- cat psapi.js ./libs/mjs.js ./parsers/asc.js ./parsers/pts.js ./parsers/psi.js > ./xbps-min/xbps-temp.js
+ cat psapi.js ./libs/mjs.js ./parsers/asc.js ./parsers/pts.js ./parsers/psi.js ./parsers/ply.js ./parsers/psi2.js ./parsers/hps0.js > ./xbps-min/xbps-temp.js
rm -fr tools-bin
mkdir tools-bin/
cc -o tools-bin/minifier tools/jsmin.c
Binary file not shown.
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