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Web extension for Firefox. Emulate tabs in sidebar and...

  • display tabs vertically.
  • group tabs and collapse / expand them.



Experimental features are used, so you need to activate the following.

  • set svg.context-properties.content.enabled to true.

Tab group

  • Select tabs by "Shift + left click" or "Ctrl + left click" ("Cmd + left click" on Mac) on each tab.
  • Drag one of the selected tabs with "Shift + left click" and drop it on the tab you want to group.
  • You can also group tabs by selecting "Tab Group" from the context menu and selecting "Group Selected Tabs".
  • Tab groups are color-coded for each.
  • Collapse / expand tab groups can be done by clicking on the colored part, or from the context menu.
  • The new tab opened from the tab in the tab group will be displayed as the tab of that group.
  • To cancel the grouping of tabs, you can do it from the context menu.
  • Tab groups will not be saved during private browsing.

Known Issues

  • The context menu item of the original tab "Send tab to device" is not implemented because there is no API for that in WebExtensions. Issue #7