Peer-to-peer Chat Application written in Java. This application uses the hybrid model to retrieve a list of available peers. (Soon with VoIP support)
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A chat application that uses peer-to-peer (Hybrid model).
There are no plans yet for populating this, it was mainly done for practice and fun.

How to

In order to productively use the application, you need to either:

  • setup a central server where peers are supposed to use to know about eachother.
    You can do that by running the in the directory centralpoint.
  • If you do not want to have a central server, you could just use the application
    directly but you'd need to know peer ip/port in order to connect to them on your own.

To run the actual application, compile and execute the file in directory
p2pchat. You should not run on it's own, that's because
executes that class after retreiving user information. It's quite confusing but I'll
find a better way to do that in the near future. Also has no main method.

TODO / In development

  • Voice chat
  • Purge thread in peer and use an event scheduler instead


Either send me an e-mail ( and attach your patch or do a pull request on GitHub.