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The zbx-backup is bash-script which can help you to create backup of Zabbix Server instance.
Zabbix Share page:
If you have any remark, you can contact me with Telegram @asand3r.
Current stable verson:

Main features

  • Database backup with mysqldump or Percona Xtrabackup;
  • Exclude database tables (mysqldump only);
  • Add various catalogs to the backup;
  • Write logfile;
  • Old copies rotation;
  • Final result compression with couple of utilities;
  • Autocompletion script for bash-completion;
  • Separate tables backup (config or data tables).


  • Add PostgreSQL support

Usage of current stable

For more details look at project wiki page.
Since v0.5 has been released it has many improvements and got something like user-friendly interface, so now I'm keeping follow this way.
Full arguments list:

  1. '--help' option, which can show you simple help message with examples
    alt text
  2. Added '--version' and '--debug' options. The first one just prints script version, and the second one prints the list with result of all settings you have set at startup and exit.
  3. We can use different utils for comression. I've hardcoded the most popular in my opinion - gzip, bzip2 (lbzip2, pbzip2) and xz. Each may be set in '--compress-with' option. If you will not set it, get just 'tar' file as result.
  4. Option '--db-only' can be used to save database only, without directories hardcoded in "ZBX_CATALOGS" variable.
  5. Added '--rotation' option. It can be used to redefine default old copies count. It has default value: 10. Also, you can set it to 'no' to disable rotation.
  6. Next three options set your connection to MySQL database, it's '--db-name', '--db-user' and '--db-password'. I don't think that they need to be explained. One thing - '--db-name' has default value: 'zabbix', so may be skipped.
  7. Option '-b|--backup-with' should be used to set backup utility - mysqldump or xtrabackup.
  8. Option '--save-to' sets location where will be saved final archive file. By default, it's use current folder.
  9. Option '--temp-folder' sets folder for temporary files. It's nessecery and must be ready to accept all MySQL data for all saving procedure time. Default value: /tmp.
  10. Option '--exclude-tables' can be used to exclude some tables from database backup (only with mysqldump). It has two preset: 'data' and 'config'. The first excludes all zabbix large tables, contains data - like 'history' and 'trends' (15 total in Zabbix 3.4), and the second saves all other tabases. Tables list forming dynamically with next regular expression:

Except two presets you can set tables list manually, just enter their names to one string in double quotes after '--exclude-tables' option.

Each argument has short version of itself, you can find notice it in '--help'. So, most short usage example can looks like that:

root@server:~# zbx-backup -b mysqldump -u root -p P@ssw0rd

It will use 'mysqldump' utility and connect to MySQL database with root/P@ssw0rd credentials. As result you will get tar archive contains zabbix database and config files. The file will named with template ''.


There is the folder 'bash_completion.d' contains 'zbx-backup.bash' file. You can place it to folder /etc/bash_completion.d (if you have 'bash-completion' packet installed) and source it:

root@server:~# . /etc/bash_completion.d/zbx-backup.bash

After this you can find simple autocompletion with TAB (you must place executable file somewhere where $PATH will find it and should name it as 'zbx-backup'; for example, I've placed it to /usr/local/bin)
alt text


Making simple backup of Zabbix instance.







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