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Utility to send message from Zabbix into Rocket.Chat. alt Zabbix Share page:

Program wrote with Python 3.6.

Latest stable versions: 0.1alpha3

How to add alert script in Zabbix:
How to install zbx-rc:


  • requests



  • Send simple text message
  • HTTPS support
  • Update config file in place


  • Attach images to message

Supported arguments

Please, read help message first, it always actual.


Print help message
Print version number
Path to config file (default: zbx-rc.conf near executable file)
Turn on debug output to console


Prepate environment. Create config directory and config example.

Path to conig directory (Default: /etc/zbx-rc)
System group, who will be own config directory (Default: zabbix)

Authenticate to Rocket.Chat

Rocket.Chat username
Rocket.Chat password

Send message to Rocket.Chat

to Recipient
subject Subject
message Text body

Usage examples

Install script to your system. In fact, it's just creates config directory with config example:

[root@server ~]# ./ install
INFO: Script installed successfully. Please, correct /etc/zbx-rc/zbx-rc.conf file for your environment.
[root@server ~]# cat /etc/zbx-rc/zbx-rc.conf
protocol = http
server =
port = 3000
uid = 
token = 

Authenticate to Rocket.Chat with REST API:

[root@server ~]# ./ auth -u 'asand3r' -p 'secretPa$$word'
id:     '1234567890'
token:  'c68019f8c6e613180ac296d5870e9cdb4b46f29c'

You can provide '--update' parameter to update your config file with received values:

[root@server ~]# ./ auth -u 'asand3r' -p 'secretPa$$word' --update

Use 'send' parameter to send simple text message:

[root@server ~]# ./ send '@asand3r' 'PROBLEM: Free space is low (5%)' 'Free space on disk C:\ too low - 5%'
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