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Add year forward functionality #6

merged 7 commits into from Jul 22, 2014


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4 participants

chiperific commented Mar 24, 2013

Asanghi, I'm a relative noob, so you'll want to check my work before accepting.

I followed your format to make use_forward_year a variable that can be set instead of a method to be chained.

chiperific added some commits Mar 24, 2013

@chiperific chiperific Create FORWARD_YEAR variable
Add FORWARD_YEAR var, defaulted at 0.
0 -> FY08 = { 2008-2009 } 
1 -> FY08 = { 2007-2008 }
@chiperific chiperific fy_forward and use_forward_year Class Methods
Add class methods for fy_forward and use_forward_year
@chiperific chiperific fix def financial_year if statement e505333
@chiperific chiperific Update for Forward Year capabilities
Update default options and Class Method sections to reflect fy_forward and use_forward_year options.

asanghi commented Mar 24, 2013

Looks brillant.

A couple of points though.

  1. Let's just yes true / false instead of yes/no symbols? What do you think?
  2. Can we add some tests?
  3. Remove the start/end of contribution markers. Git logs are preserved and contribution locked in diffs. Feel free to add a contributors file to the project.



chiperific commented Apr 1, 2013

Ok, all good. I'll make those changes ASAP.


chiperific commented Apr 1, 2013

Still need to write tests. I'll try to complete within 48hrs.

decasia commented Nov 1, 2013

I could really use this functionality in my apps, @chiperific. Can I help out by writing a test suite or otherwise doing what it takes to bring this PR to completion?


asanghi commented Nov 2, 2013

Absolutely! Please go ahead and send a PR.


asanghi commented Nov 2, 2013

Actually the PR looks good. I'll do a quick sanity check and merge very shortly.

decasia commented Nov 4, 2013

Great! Let me know if I can do anything else to help, @asanghi, and thanks again very much for your work on this project.


asanghi commented Nov 6, 2013

@decasia if you would like, please refactor the {true, false} part which i think is a bit obfuscated in intent as is @fy_forward = USE_FORWARD_YEAR[bool] || FY_FORWARD. Some tests would make it complete too! Thanks for all your help.

reger commented Jul 21, 2014

any idea on when this functionality will be merged in and released in a gem update? thanks!


asanghi commented Jul 21, 2014

@reger Sorry the gem got off the radar. Will address this in a couple of days, no later than the end of this week.

reger commented Jul 21, 2014

@asanghi excellent, thanks!

@asanghi asanghi merged commit d7c46c0 into asanghi:master Jul 22, 2014


asanghi commented Jul 22, 2014

You should be able to get v2.2.0 now but please re-read the readme as the interface has changed.

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