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Platform and related climate/sensors to support the Drayton Wiser Home Heating System
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Wiser Home Assistant Platform (v1.8.1)

This repository contains a Home Assistant component + platforms, for the Drayton Wiser Heating solution.


  • Support for Custom components and HACS!!

  • Climate platforms

    • List of climate entities for each Room. The state is the current temperature and the target temperature.
    • Allows setting of temperatures from HA
    • Allows setting of boost temperature using Home Assistant Presets
    • Displays icon if radiator is heating (heat flowing) or not
  • Switch platform

    • Allows the switching of Home/Away mode via a switch which means it can now be controlled by HA
  • Sensor Platforms

    • Each TRV is representated by a Sensor. The sensor attributes include extensive information about the device, such as WIFI Signal strength, firmware version, battery levels etc
    • Heathub displayed as a sensor, firmware version etc
    • Smartplug displayed as a sensor, firmware etc
    • Room Thermostats displayed as sensors
      • Additonal attributes include battery levels, humidity etc
    • Drayton Wiser Cloud Status
      • Nice to be able to have automation when things aren't working
    • Heating Relay status
      • Nice to know when the heating is on/off. This is nice to use in conjunction with the Climate platform when graphing data using grafana
    • Hot Water relay status
      • Nice to know when the hot water is on/off.
    • Full access to the JSON payload from the HeatHub, for those things I didn't think of...
    • Support for Heathubs with No Hot Water Control (added 1.1)
    • Support for Home/Away Sensor (added v1.1)
    • Support for setting room mode (boost/manual/auto) (added in 1.3)
    • Animated icons for the Rooms to let you know which rooms are actually being heated (@msp1974)

Sample Images

Code Installation

For the software side of things we now support custom_updater updater OR HACS Home Assistant Community Store. Use either one to install the component the go for configuration. using HACS or Custom Updater means you will automagically get updates when I release them.

I highly recommend HACS, for instructions on how to install HACS see their documentation website at

For custom_updater

Add this to your configuration:


For HACS (Recommended)

See installation instructions at the HACS documentation website

Manual Code Installation

  1. Create a custom_components directory within your Home Assistant directory
  2. In a different directory clone the git repositry
  3. Within this directory copy the wiser folder (within custom_components) to your installations custom components directory


Find your HeatHub Secret key


  1. Press the setup button on your HeatHub, the light will start flashing Look for the Wi-Fi network (SSID) called ‘WiserHeatXXX’ where XXX is random

  2. Connect to the network from a Windows/Linux/Mac machine

  3. Execute the secret url :-)

    • For Windows use Invoke-RestMethod -Method Get -UseBasicParsing -Uri
    • For Linux (or Windows WSL) use curl

    This will return a string which is your system secret

  4. Press the setup button on the HeatHub again and it will go back to normal operations

  5. Copy the secret and save it somewhere.

  6. Find Your HEATHUB IP Using your router, or something else, identify the IP address of your HeatHub, it usually identifies itself as the same ID as the WiserHeatXXXXXX

  7. Add references to Home Assistant Configuration.yaml file

Here is a sample config, replace the HEATHUB AND PASSWORD appropriately.

  scan_interval: 300
  minimum: -5
  boost_temp: 2
  boost_time: 30

I don't recommend you set the scan_interval too low, after all temperatures do not change that often and 300 seconds(5mins) is probably plenty. minimum is the bottom minimum temperature to be recorded, the default is -5

boost_temp is the delta temperature the radiator should be set to when boosted, default is 2

boost_time is the time (in seconds) for which a boost should be active for, default is 30mins

Run, Play and let me know if there are any bugs, enhancements etc via the github issues system

Special thanks for contributors Thanks!



  • @angrycamel : Home/Away Sensor
  • @jchasey : Doc changes and support for custom component updater
  • @sjtbham : Debugging
  • @djbanks : Home/Away switch (v 1.31)
  • @msp1974 : Animated graphics showing which rooms are being heated Display Presets and support boost (PR38)

Change log

  • 1.8.1 Multiple fixes to timeouts, boost and upgrade to wiserapi 1.0.3
  • 1.7 Presets and now supports delta boosts (thanks @msp1974) (BREAKING CHANGE : boost temp is now a delta and not a specific value e.g. now is 2C vs previously 20C
  • 1.6.1 Fixed setting temperature bugs
  • 1.6 Merged functionality where it now shows which rooms are being heated by an icon
  • 1.5.1 Minor bump to fix home/away issue and bring versions inline
  • 1.5 Now supports HACS
  • 1.4 Major changes. Now uses pypi library Uses new Climate Model (see Fix bug where updates werent seen till new refresh cycle Changes to make code HA native component compatible (more work to be done)
  • 1.3.1 Merged djbanks Home/Away switch
  • 1.3 Added ability to set temperature Added ability to set room mode (auto,boost,manual)
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