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PHP library/framework for my work.

developed and tested on PHP >= 5.3.


WScore is a simple, easy to use, configurable, and reliable good PHP library for database and business logic development.

All the goodies from PHP5.3, namespace, DiContainer, PDO, etc. are used in WScore to keep the code clean and simple.

This, hopefully, eases the maintenance of the developed code over the years of service.

###It's Not a MVC Framework

WScore does not offer any of MVC stuff found in Web Application Framework. This library aims to build solid business model and its presentation for html.



Trying to implement a Document Driven Development.

write a document first, full of specification, API, and features, regardless of the state of the development or just a wishes.


lot of tests.

###CUI Rapid Development

to be developed.

Development Status


API is still under massive changes.

thanks for reading this.

certainly needs some re-write of this.