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Simple Python API for quotes and quips

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Virtual environment configuration

$ cd scripts
$ fab

Additional information can be found by running $ fab --list

From the commit logs:

This is a fabric script that can be used to create and initialize a virtual environment. In order for the script to work, virtualenv, virtualenvwrapper, and fabric must be installed.

$ pip install -U virtualenv virtualenvwrapper fabric


$ heroku create --stack cedar --buildpack [name]

$ heroku create --stack cedar --buildpack --remote staging [name-staging]
$ heroku config:add DJANGO_DEBUG=True --remote staging



$ git push heroku master


$ git push staging develop:master

For further reading, see Managing Multiple Environemnts for an App

Be sure to set an environment variable:

export DJANGO_SETTINGS_MODULE=quipy.settings.local

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