Python script to convert Doxygen XML into static HTML webpages for C++ documentation.
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style.css is a script that converts XML output from Doxygen into static HTML webpages. As an example, the C++ documentation webpages for my projects were generated using this script. I modeled the theme after Google's Protocol Buffer API reference.

For convenience, I also added a gulpfile.js to streamline the process and further compile/compress the output HTML.


  1. Make sure you have Doxygen and Python 3 installed.
  2. Place your library/repository folders into a single folder (the default directory is "..", i.e. the parent directory).
  3. Edit the Doxygen configuration file as appropriate for your project (specifically, list the paths to each of your libraries/repositories in the INPUT option, and make sure GENERATE_HTML is disabled).
  4. Edit the configuration variables at the top of as appropriate for your project. Make sure to change src_root to the folder containing your libraries/repositories.
  5. Modify the header.html, footer.html, CSS, and Javascript files to your liking.
  6. Run doxygen Doxyfile to generate the XML in Docs/xml/.
  7. Run to generate the HTML in Docs/html/.

If you have gulp installed, simply run gulp in place of steps 6 and 7 above.