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PayPal preview

A coding challenge to create a sample PayPal checkout widget. You can add and manage payment methods used for checkout.


git clone
cd PayPal
yarn start

then --> localhost:8080


  1. Node.js server - the app currently runs on a Node.js / Express backend and React / React Router frontend. The backend server is very basic and doesn't do much, runs on http://localhost:9090.

  2. API endpoints - because of reasons below (#4), there's only one simple API call right now. On initial page load, a promise-based http request (using axios) is sent to /api, which returns an object of sample user data. The basic schema is show below.

    user: 'zac',
    price: 88.08,
    paymentMethods: [
        first: 'Zac',
        last: 'Arellano',
        type: 'Visa',
        cc: '4662 2194 7795 2314',
        expiration: '12/20',
        csc: '789'
  1. desktop / mobile support - I didn't spend too much time perfecting the responsiveness / css, but it does work on desktop and mobile.

  2. create / read / update / delete options - this (and the UI itself) is where I spent most of my time. Right now it will load in sample payments on page load, and from there you have the ability to -

  • add a new payment - user fills in payment info and creates a newPaymentMethod object which gets added to this.state.paymentMethods array
  • read existing payments - displays all payment methods and also shows which method is being used / preferred
  • update existing payment - clicking on the manage button will take you to /managePayment/${perferredPaymentId} which allows us to pre-populate the same component from adding a new method (<EditPaymentInfo />), from there we just update this.state.paymentMethods with the updated object
  • delete existing payment - I was following the preview images and never saw a delete icon or way to do that, so I actually haven't implemented this yet, but would follow the same ideology as adding or managing payment


It was a little awkward not using a database for this type of project - this is why there are minimal API calls and backend logic. I wanted to show off my abilities as best as possible, so I spent most of my time in areas I'm best at (frontend, UI). It's still fully functional, but a little awkward and a database would've been necessary in a production environment.

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