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SpringTrader getting started guide is avaiable under github wiki

By downloading, installing, or using the Spring Trader software, you (the individual or legal entity) agree to be bound by the terms of the following license agreement: License Agreement

Spring Trader Screenshot

SpringTrader uses Gradle to Build

Either re-clone, or shut down STS after deleting projects and remove all Eclipse metadata files (.project, .classpath, .settings) - or see cleanEclipse below - but it's important to do it the first time.


  • ./gradlew build release
  • ./gradlew cleanEclipse (deletes eclipse metadata files)
  • ./gradlew eclipse (created metadata files)
  • ./gradlew install - installs jars/poms in local maven repo

Import springtrader in Springsource Tool Suite (STS):

  • Right click in Project Explorer and select Import -> Import...
  • Choose Existing Project into Workspace
  • Set root directory to full path of springtrader
  • Select all Projects and click Finish
  • You should see following projects in STS

    spring-nanotrader-asynch-services spring-nanotrader-data spring-nanotrader-services spring-nanotrader-service-support spring-nanotrader-web spring-nanotrader-chaos

  • From STS main menu click Projects -> Build Automatically

Deploy springtrader to tc Server in STS:

  • Right click spring-nanotrader-services and select Run As -> Run On Server
  • Choose tc Server Developer Edition for server and click Next
  • Drag following projects from Available to Configured column

    spring-nanotrader-asynch-services spring-nanotrader-services spring-nanotrader-web

  • Click Finish

  • Wait for server to start and then browse to http://localhost:8080/spring-nanotrader-web