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Symfony 2.5 BDD Ready Project Seed

Bundled with PHPSpec, Behat (including Mink, Goutte and PhantomJS via Sahi), virtual dev environment and basic setup of deployments to staging environment.


  1. librarian-chef is installed (tested with v.0.0.2): ($ gem install librarian-chef);
  2. vagrant is installed (tested with v.1.3.4): (;
  3. vagrant-omnibus extension is installed (tested with v.1.1.1): ($ vagrant plugin install vagrant-omnibus);
  4. vagrant-librarian-chef extension is installed (tested with v.0.1.5): ($ vagrant plugin install vagrant-librarian-chef);
  5. knife solo is installed: ($ gem install knife-solo);
  6. capifony is installed: ($ gem install capifony).

##Virtual Machine Installation Instructions

Before you start:

  1. change to your project name/domain at: tools/vagrant/Vagrantfile.

Installation steps:

  1. change project settings at your will in tools/vagrant/Vagrantfile;
  2. build virtual machine: $ cd tools/vagrant && vagrant up;
  3. switch to virtual machine shell: $ vagrant ssh;
  4. install dependencies in composer: $ cd /mnt/project and $ composer install.

P.S. Don't forget to add virtual host into hosts file on your machine, where you run vm: (by default:

##Staging Environment Provisioning Instructions

Before you start:

  1. change to your project name/domain at: tools/chef/site-environments/staging.json, tools/chef/site-nodes/ (latter file have to be renamed to match your project domain).

Provisioning steps:

  1. make sure you have passwordless access to staging via configured at ~/.ssh/config;
  2. install 64bit Debian 7 on your staging environment;
  3. prepare environment to provisioning: ($ cd tools/chef && knife solo prepare;
  4. provision environment: ($ knife solo cook

##Staging Environment Deployment Instructions

Before you start:

  1. change to your project name/domain at: tools/capifony/config/deploy.rb;
  2. create ssh key on your target staging environment: ($ ssh-keygen -t rsa -C "");
  3. add this public key as a deployment key to your project on github.

Deployment steps:

  1. setup deployment (only the first time): ($ cd tools/capifony && cap deploy:setup);
  2. deploy project (same directory as previous step): ($ cap deploy).


Symfony 2.5 BDD Ready Project Seed






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