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Imports gitlab MRs into the local repository using the git series format.


Start by adding a "gitlab" section to your repo's config file (.git/config):

    projectId = 42
    url =
    privateToken = "xyz123abc456pqr789st"

You can get a private token from if you don't have one yet.


The working directory must be within a checkout of the specified project. If gitlab-sync can't find the branches referenced by an MR, it will fail to import it.

Each MR is imported as a git series. If a series already exists, it is updated. If you run gitlab-sync regularly you get the complete history of all MRs.

By default, only open MRs are imported (override with -a).

If gitlab-sync fails while communicating with gitlab, it may be due to a gitlab version incompatibility. You can fix this by changing the version of the gitlab package in Cargo.toml so that it matches your version of gitlab. (See here for more information.)

I imported some MRs; now what?

The MRs are imported in the format understood by git-series, so you could use that; but these days (git-2.19+) you don't even need to have git-series installed to view the ddiffs - it's supported in the base distribution!

Suppose you reviewed MR !2572 last week, but the author has pushed 13 times since then. To see the changes since your last review, simply:

$ SERIES=git-series/gitlab/2572
$ git range-diff ${SERIES}~13:base..${SERIES}~13:series ${SERIES}:base..${SERIES}:series

Try it! I'm pretty sure this is the best way to re-review a branch.


This is free and unencumbered software released into the public domain. See UNLICENSE or