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tl;dr: Do you try to review your colleagues' commits, but sometimes they slip past you? Are you tired of re-reviewing commits you've already looked at? Keep track of the ones you've reviewed and you'll see them exactly once!

This repo contains a tool called orpa which is designed to streamline a certain workflow. Read Tracking read/unread commits and Reviewing merge requests for a description of that workflow.

Listing unreviewed commits

orpa shows you the commits which don't yet have any notes attached:

$ orpa status
Current branch: The following commits are awaiting review:

  7cc8026 Use the gitlab raw Query API
  251ec84 Replace coloured with yansi
  da05da1 Document the CLI options

Use orpa list to get the revisions in a form suitable for machine-consumption:

$ orpa list

I like to pipe this into tig (you need to pass --no-walk to make sure tig only lists the specified commits). Try putting this in your gitconfig:

    review = !sh -c 'orpa list | tig --no-walk --stdin'

Now git review shows a list of all the unreviewed commits, and you can blast through them by hitting 'T'.

Both commands will accept a range, so you can use them with merge requests too:

$ orpa status 563e5fb..aadb1f9
563e5fb..aadb1f9: The following commits are awaiting review:

  9fbc3f8 Make the notes ref configurable
  aadb1f9 Use Lazy for CLI opts

Listing merge requests

Orpa can load the open MRs from your MR tracker and display the unreviewed commits in the same way. Currently it only supports gitlab, but support for other trackers could be added too.

Let's grab the latest MRs from gitlab with orpa fetch:

$ orpa fetch
Fetching open MRs for project 1 from

Now, orpa status is giving us some new information:

$ orpa status
Merge requests with unreviewed commits:

  !84    Add --notes-ref CLI argument (2 unreviewed)

Use "orpa mr" to see the full MR information

Let's take a look at it...

$ orpa mr 84
merge_request !84
Author: Joe Smith (@jsmith)
Date:   2019-12-10 08:42:20.768 UTC

    Add --notes-ref CLI argument

    v1 563e5fb..aadb1f9 (0/2 reviewed)

And there's the range we need to review!

We review it, send some feedback, and then later run orpa fetch again. Now, we see:

$ orpa mr 84
merge_request !84
Author: Joe Smith (@jsmith)
Date:   2019-12-10 08:42:20.768 UTC

    Add --notes-ref CLI argument

    v1 563e5fb..aadb1f9 (2/2 reviewed)
    v2 c3f89fb..bfb0da1 (0/3 reviewed)

Now we can see the old reviewed range, as well as the new unreviewed range - everything we need to run git range-diff.

Configuring orpa fetch

Get an API token for your gitlab instance (read-only API access is enough), and put a section like this in your local git repository's .git/config file:

    url = ""
    privateToken = "1234567890abcdefgijk"
    projectId = "8765"
    username = "asayers"


A tool for tracking private code review







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