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A binding to Discount, a fast C implementation of the Markdown text to HTML markup system. Discount passes the Markdown test suite.

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Release history

  • lua-discount-1.3.1 (unreleased)
    • update to updstream Discount 1.3.1
    • new language extensions: class blocks, superscripts and alphabetic ordered lists.
    • support the "toc" option for table of contents generation - headers will include an id attribute.
    • support the "strict" option, to disable relaxed emphasis and superscripts.
  • lua-discount- (2008-09-22)
    • Windows is now a supported platform (thanks to contributions from Tim Channon)
  • lua-discount-1.2.10 (2008-09-03)
    • update to upstream Discount 1.2.10
    • support the "nohtml" option, to disable embedded html.
    • compile to use relaxed emphasis, meaning underscores don't count when they're in the middle of a word.
    • add some tests
    • include results of a simple benchmark in the readme
  • lua-discount-1.2.7 (2008-08-03)
    • first public release

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Thanks to the underlying Discount implementation, lua-discount is incredibly fast. Benchmarking markdown.lua 0.32 against lua-discount 1.2.10 by parsing the Markdown syntax document 100 times gives the following result (all figures are in seconds):

                   user     system      total       real
lua-discount   0.170000   0.000000   0.170000   0.177374
markdown.lua  48.530000   0.000000  48.530000  48.524910


Note that require("discount") returns a single function, which you are responsible for giving a suitable name. Example:

discount = require("discount")

local markdown_string = [[
  # Demonstration
  This is a demonstration of lua-discount. Passing the options `"nolinks"` 
  disables links such as [this](
  local html_string = discount(markdown_string, "nolinks")

The discount function takes as its first argument the Markdown string to convert, and for its subsequent arguments takes any combination of the following strings as options:

="nolinks"= do not allow <a or expand Markdown links. ="noimages"= do not allow <img or expand Markdown images. ="nopants"= disable SmartyPants processing. ="nohtml"= disallow embedded html by replacing all < with &lt;. ="strict"= disable relaxed emphasis and superscripts. ="tagtext"= don't expand * or _ when used for emphasis. ="noext"= do not process pseudo-protocols ="cdata"= generate output suitable for use as data in an XML document. ="toc"= generate table-of-contents headers - each generated <h1>, <h2>, etc will include an id attribute. ="embed"= equivalent to specifying "nolinks", "noimages" and "tagtext".

License and acknowledgements

lua-discount is distributed under a BSD-style license.

Thanks to Tim Channon for Windows support.

This product includes software developed by David Loren Parsons.


Author: A.S. Bradbury


Lua binding to the discount C implementation of the Markdown text-to-html markup system







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