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A flexible task runner designed for docker based cloud environments
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Chronos App

A flexible task runner designed for docker based cloud environments.

In Chronos you can add tasks to run at specific times defined in cron syntax. Each task can have multiple steps. Steps are executed in order and stdout and stderr are stored for each execution.

Chronos is split into two components; an app (this repo) and an api.

You need to run both to have an operational application. For instruction on how to run the API service, check out the api repo ☝️



docker run -p 8080:8080 -it asbjornenge/chronos-app:latest 



Setting up tasks are fairly staightforward. Give the task a name and set a cron for it to run.

NB! You need to unpause the tasks before it is sceduled to run. You do that by clicking the top right icon from task details (click the task to get there).


Steps require a bit more input:

Name    : Name of the step
Command : Command to run
Order   : Order of execution (steps are executed in order when task runs)
Timeout : Specify a timeout for the task in ms (task is killed if this timeout is surpassed)


Name    : Dump database
Command : docker -H tcp://docker-host:4243 run --rm -v /var/lib/docker/data/backup:/backup postgres:9.6 pg_dump -h postgres -U postgres demo -f /backup/demo.sql
Order   : 1
Timeout : 10000

NB! Steps are executed in the api container. It's alpine based and contains very few tools. However, it does contain the docker cli. Which means you can run most anything 🚀 It does not however contain a docker daemon, so be sure to specify -H tcp://docker-host:port for the actual execution to take place 👍

Other relevant steps to add to the example above could be;

  • Upload to S3
  • Cleanup


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