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Register static services with skydns / skydock.

Skydock is a great tool for doing DNS service discovery of your docker containers. But, it is sometimes quite handy to be able to register non-container servies into your skydns. Skylink helps you do that.


Skylink is built for use with skydock, and assumes you are running skydns as a container. The simplest register you can do is pass a name, environment and a host.

docker run -link skydns:skydns asbjornenge/skylink --name rds --environment test --host

That will result in the service being registered under rds.test.domain. The domain part is handled by skydns.

$> dig rds.test.domain +short


Skydns uses the following format for it's registry:


All of these can be passed to skylink. Including some additional parameters.

--environment <environment> | required
--name        <service>     | required
--version     <version>
--region      <region>
--host        <host>        | required
--uuid        <uuid>
// Additional
--ttl         <ttl>         | default -> 10 | Time to live
--port        <port>        | default -> 80 | SRV record port
--skydns      <ip:port>     |               | Skydns ip and port


Skylink is actually a binary javascript application built using nexe. See also Tiny Node Containers for some additional information about why.

If you want to build skylink yourself you can either use nexe directly or use the asbjornenge/nexe-docker container.

docker run -i -t -v $(pwd):/skylink -w /skylink asbjornenge/nexe-docker -i index.js -o skylink

Or, run as a normal node app:

$> git clone <skylink> && cd skylink
$> npm install
$> node index.js --name rds --environment test --host --skydns